Eco Friendly Remodable Repair Fixit Stick Single

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Get fixing with these individual FixIts sticks.

* Easy and Fast to use

* Endlessly remouldable

* Manufactured in the UK

* Shipped without packaging

* Compostable to EN 14995

Simply heat FixIts in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute and see it go soft. Keep warm by dunking again or using hot air (from a hairdryer for example) to extend the working time.

Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!

Do not store or use FixIts where heat sources that can reach or exceed 50 degrees celsius.

  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 0.3cm l x 1.6cm w x 15cm h
  • Weight: .03 lb
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